Women Supporting Other Women

Women loving other women. Women empowering other women. Women lifting up other women. Women having each other’s’ backs. Seeing another woman’s success as your success. Women being happy when their friends find their right partner. Women wanting their friends to feel beautiful and confident even when we don’t. Women realizing that only when we see ourselves as each other will we be free and happy!

Our society of competition pits us women against one another. The result? We have come to see our sisters, daughters, friends, co-workers, all other women, as competition! Who is the prettiest? The sexiest? The smartest? The most successful? Who has the most IG followed? The hottest boyfriend? The best Lulu wardrobe? Who is going to get the man that I want when there is so much competition in the world? Why can’t we believe that the right man will want us and we don’t have to compete with anyone?

This is not a black and white situation. Of course, we often feel genuine support for other women, but that sense of comparison and competition is real, as well! We are constantly comparing our bodies, noses, skin, hair, bank accounts, boyfriends, husbands, cars, homes! And social media just encourages us to believe that we are supposed to look a certain way. We are supposed to be sexy, have flawless bodies, be popular, successful and fun! It makes every woman on earth feel insecure and insecurity feeds comparison and competition.

Just for today, notice when you are doing this and STOP and take a contrary action in that moment. Start with loving thoughts to yourself, loving actions to yourself. And when you honor and appreciate yourself, your focus will shift. Then, remind yourself that you are part of the Oneness and that the Universe has a plan for you. Remind yourself that you don’t need to compete with anyone, because whatever blessings are meant for you cannot be taken by anyone else, including any other woman. And that if that is so, Send loving, supportive vibes to whichever woman is triggering those comparisons. Be aware of your thoughts and change them to thinking that HER success is MY success, because we are ONE! Celebrate all our sisters today (and all our brothers, too, of course)! Feel the joy of knowing we belong to each other and will always have the support of the Universe!

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