The Sacred Sex and Spirituality: Passionate Intimacy Without Shame Summit

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Day 20 of The Summit with Rebekah Beneteau

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Rebekah Beneteau, is a Sex  & Relationship Coach, Access Bars® Facilitator and Healer. Rebekah is an internationally-known Workshop Leader. Through her classes, podcast “The Ask Me Anything Love and Sex Show” on, and her videos on Pleasure Evolution tv on YouTube she has helped thousands of people have more gratified relationships and sex lives. Her years on the stand-up comedy circuit, and training as an award-winning Toastmaster, combined with her training as a healer and coach, have given her a uniquely fun, humorous, compassionate, and spiritual style. Her mission in life is to create a world of turned-on people becoming empowered as they embody their Sexual Authenticity.

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