Loving Yourself, Loving Life, Loving Sex

6-Month Women’s Group

You are a woman who is ready to spring forward toward the vision you have held forever of loving yourself, loving your body, self-expressed in life and in sex. You are longing to have a tribe of women who are willing to go deep and be open, honest and loving. You know me already. You know I care and you know I will pour my heart into making sure that every woman experiences the transformation you are seeking from this intense experience.

The group is a collaboration, even more powerful than individual coaching alone. Every member of the group contributes to creating a transformation for all the women. Monthly topics may include:

  • Heaing Trauma
  • Body Shame and Where It Started
  • Loving Masculine Energy
  • Integrating Your Own Masculine and Feminine Energies
  • Gratitude for Your Body
  • Expressing Yourself Authentically
  • Relationship Skills
  • Overcoming Reactivity
  • Self-Pleasure

Investment: $647/month or $3500 if paid upfront

Contact me to learn more or sign up!

The Structure of the Group is:

  1. 6-Month Commitment
  2. Weekly Zoom calls with Helen leading
  3. Monthly 1:1 consult
  4. Monthly Group Topic:
    a) Weekly videos
    b) Written tools and exercises
    c) Weekly assignments for actions
    d) Bonus content: meditation videos, instructional videos
    e) Sacred Sexuality Workbook
  5. Private FB page:
    a) Live videos
    b) Member interactive support
    c) Bonuses to most active members
    d) Special enrichment challenges