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A Powerful, Healing Podcast

Helen is an incredible guide. She reminds all of us to have self compassion, and that healing is possible, no matter what we have been through. I love this podcast. Interesting guests and thoughtful insight. I highly recommend.

Helen is AMAZING!

I am so grateful that Helen is giving everyone the gift of these podcasts. I have listened to some of them over and over and learn something new every time. I love that there are practical steps I can take to help myself and my relationships. I can connect to every topic in some way. I look forward to becoming more aware and connected. Thanks so much, Helen.

Helen is regularly interviewed by podcasters, summit hosts and YouTubers where she offers self-help insights, tools, warmth, compassion and fun. Helen Hillix has 35 years experience as a Licensed Therapist and Intuitive Counselor.

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