Sacred Sexuality

Catapult Forward in Your Intimacy

You want more from your sexuality. You want to create a passionate intimacy that goes deeper than just friction and fantasy. You want the kind of connection that you dreamed was possible, but haven't been able to create in your life up until now. You have a longing to integrate your spiritual connection to your sexuality, but you don't quite know how to start. You also may be blocked from expressing yourself fully due to shame

So many of us have had experiences that leave us feeling shame about our sexuality. You might have had a religious upbringing that told you that self-pleasuring is a sin or that sex before marriage will result in damnation. You might have been promiscuous in a culture that says women are supposed to be pure and then wildly sexual when married. You might have been molested as a child and have blocks to sexual pleasure or guilt about enjoying sex. 

There are so many things to learn and clear in order to feel fully open to the experience of oneness with a partner or between you and the Universe. Let me guide you through the powerful and precious process of discovering sacred sexuality. It might even include redefining what sexuality is altogether. It's an exciting adventure and you get to have a loving, safe guide to hold your hand through the journey.


Because the sexuality journey is an integration of body, mind and spirit experiences, you will be empowered through numerous modalities. Those may include hypnosis and guided visualizations, movement therapy, meditation, art therapy, customized tools, exercises and practices designed specifically for your journey, creating personal healing videos, doing vision boards, whatever we intuit will support your journey. 


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When To Begin Your Sacred Sexuality Journey

Because sexuality is a lifelong journey, there is no right or wrong time to being that adventure. You might be at the beginning of a relationship. You might be at the end and you want to develop your sexuality as you enter into the new world of being single. You might have a physical disability or the challenges of aging that challenge you to develop entirely new ways of thinking about sexuality and what is possible. Wherever you are in the journey, you can benefit from the powerful and sacred journey of sexuality. It's the enegy of life, and you get to experience to the fullest!

Your Investment

People pay me for packages ranging from a yearlong commitment of $15,000, to a 3-month commitment for $3500 or one month for $1500. Each package includes weekly one-to-one sessions, customized tools, practices and exercises, meditation and eductional videos, and Voxer access M-F from 9-5. 

We Collaborate

My no BS style of intuitive counseling, 35 years of experience, natural warmth and humor bust open whatever is keeping you from catapulting forward toward the life you dream of! Together we explore your unconscious barriers, revisit them and heal them, unleashing your energy to then be focused on who you want to be now! This can apply to any area of your life, from high level career goals, relationship intimacy, trauma healing or spiritual quests, because the principles are the same. You will go deep and work to heal the past and empower you to create your joyful future.

The inclusion of intuition into the counseling process allows for you to go deeper quicker and to get to the heart of issues in the most efficient way possible. Being able to bypass the mental process, when needed, helps keep your work on track, focusing on what needs to be clarified at any given moment. There are even times when you may think that you feel one way about an issue or experience, but intuitively you are able to see another option with support.

You are trapped in old, mistaken beliefs and worn out patterns that you learned so long ago, you don’t even remember where you got them. Some of you have experienced traumas that have impacted your ways of being and have inhibited your ability to fully embrace your lives.  You want to be liberated from these obstacles to your freedom, and you have come to the right place.

Your part is to be open and honest, to bring everything you have to the table, to partner with the process. So much of the work is done outside the session and your commitment to following the practices and completing the exercises from the sessions is a powerful part of the success of your work. You are accountable for that.

I will challenge you! Sometimes you will love coaching with me and sometimes you will hate it. We will laugh together and there will be undoubtedly be sad times together. And, you will always know that you are not alone, that you are cared about as a person, that your potential is seen and you will have support to reach it every single moment of the process.

My Philosophy

I have devoted myself to explore and learn all I can about intuition, spiritual guidance and about how you and I transform and heal. I am still engaged in that process and I always will be. I have my own coach/mentor so that I will be forever challenging myself as I challenge you. I believe you can heal and grow beyond your imagination, and that you have the courage to look inward, be honest and learn. My mission is to pass on what I have learned. My passion is to be of service to you, to help you reach your potential, have the relationships you want and enrich your life in every way possible.