Trauma to Treasure: Catapulting Forward in Your Life

3-Month Course

When I was 36 years old, I remember the day clearly; I woke up feeling empty and alone and lost. I felt no passion for anything around me. It was as if I awoke from a long dream and I had to blink to be sure I was awake. I looked at my handsome husband in my beautiful home and thought about the career that I had studied for and worked to accomplish.

And the thought came to me, "Is this all there is?" I realized that, in spite of the fact that I had every outward expression of a good life, that I was not feeling fulfilled. I knew there was something more to experience, something more to explore about myself and about life here on earth. This was the moment that I decided to dive deeper and this was the moment that began a journey of transformation and spiritual discovery.

I learned all I could from the mentor I chose to guide me. I took workshops and participated in retreats. I studied Intuitive Counseling, so I would have that skill along with being a trained Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

And I began to help women and men who have that same drive for passion I once craved. You can always go deeper and find more passion in your life! You are here because you also want to squeeze every drop of juice from your life, and I know how just how to support you to do just that!

And I’ve created a program that brings you the same joy and adventure that I have found!

Trauma to Treasure: Catapulting Forward in Your Life

Coaching: You will be receiving four coaching sessions per month for 3 months. These sessions will consist of deep explorations of your past and rapid movement into the future with skill building. Some of the skills/techniques used will be:

  • Deep exploration/relaxation/visualization in order to access trauma and pain, explore it and heal it
  • Shifting your perspectives about old events to empowerment
  • Exploring family dynamics to discover subconscious beliefs you still carry
  • Exploring all types of relationship dynamics and how they unconsciously relate to childhood patterns
  • Bring clarity and resolution to situations in your current life
  • Understanding how these old patterns have shown up in your love life, your work life, your friendships
  • Establishing new, powerful ways of being and ways of relating to yourself and others, based on an honest view of your gifts and strengths and the new skills you develop throughout the course
  • Develop self-confidence and self-love practices

Notes: You will receive customized, detailed notes of every coaching session for your permanent record and for use in reinforcing the changes you make.

Life Tools: you will have access to the tools that I have developed in 35 years of experience. . They will be available both in the form of written checklists and a video that explains each tool in detail and how to use that tool in your daily life.

Exercises: There will be action items between sessions that support your transformation. These exercises are especially important as they are the daily practice that makes the changes permanent.

Resources: You will receive a customized list of resources that I recommend for you to use. These will include books, videos, podcasts, self-help groups, and other activities.

Mindfulness Library: You will have access to private meditation videos to specifically guide you through healing processes. There will also be private meditation videos to support you in a daily practice of meditation as a foundation for an experience of greater overall well-being. This will include guided journaling exercises to accompany each video.

Access: Your sessions will take place via video-conferencing. You will also have access to me via a private message channel during the work week.

$3500 for individuals

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“I am deeply grateful for Helen’s guidance, honesty, wisdom, and humor! She helped me navigate the most difficult decision of my life, and I’m not sure I’d be where I am today without her support. "
- Erica V.

"Helen has been invaluable in reframing my destructive dialogue and, more importantly, who I am NOW. Her service to you will supersede any counseling experience.”
- Cara G.

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“[Helen] has guided me to expand my spiritual awareness, taught me countless life and relationship skills and helped me become a much more balanced and confident person. "
- Mason C.


Can I completely heal from my past pain in this 3-month program?

It depends on many factors, some of which you can control and some of which we don’t know yet. What I can say is that deep changes can happen in this brief time period if you bring your commitment to going deep and your accountability to do all the assignments. And you get to decide if you want more after the experience you will have in the program. Most clients decide to continue with another level of the work because they fall in love with the liberating and exhilarating feeling of transformation!

Are you a Licensed Therapist? What is your experience?

Yes, I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1985. I have nearly 35 years of experience. I am also a certified Intuitive Counselor, having dedicated decades in learning this powerful addition to my academic background.

Is this a religious program? I notice that you mention spirituality several times.

No, this is not a religious program. All the coursework and the principles that are taught are generic spiritual principles, like “Do what is for the highest good of all, including every individual.” Another is to treat the other person as you want to be treated. It is helpful for you to believe in some kind of higher power, because it helps you to develop your own intuitive connection, but even that is not required in any way. Clients of all faiths and no faiths are welcome and have participated.

I am married and my husband/wife doesn’t want to participate. Will this program be worthwhile if they don’t join in?

I hear this a lot from my clients who are in committed relationships. The answer is “Absolutely, you can benefit with or without your partner!” In any relationship, it takes both people to create the patterns that have developed. If one person changes, the interaction between the partners will change. There is no guarantee that you will be happier with this person, of course. You will become a happier, healthier individual, for sure, and you may decide that this partner is not for you. Or, sometimes, the changes you make alone shift things powerfully in the relationship and the other person changes for the better, also, without even participating. This may result in a significantly happier relationship.

What IS Intuitive Counseling? And why do you use it?

People think of intuition in different ways. Some people believe it’s the ability to access information from your unconscious mind. It is also described as the ability to access higher wisdom/consciousness by connecting to the divine energies. However you define it or describe it, it is the ability to access information, images, knowledge about the client without words or the usual manner of accessing that material. In my work, intuition supports me to see images that guide our sessions. It supports me to ask questions that get to the core of the issue quickly. It supports me to know when what you are saying is not the deepest truth and it supports us to continue to explore until we both “know” that what you are saying is “it.” Intuition helps to shortcut the usual counseling process by accessing deep material quickly.