Day 17 Activate Sacred Sexuality Through the Goddesses with Syma Kharal

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Who is Syma Kharal?

Syma Kharal is a leading international Divine Feminine teacher, master healer, speaker, and #1 Amazon bestselling author of “Goddess Reclaimed” and “Manifest Soulmate Love.” She holds an honors degree with distinction in psychology and a certificate in counseling from the University of Toronto and is a certified Reiki Master, Yoga, and Meditation teacher, Spirit Guide, and Akashic Records coach.

She is dedicated to empowering soulful women to heal their deepest wounds, manifest their boldest dreams, and flourish in every way, into the Goddesses they truly are.

Syma immersed herself in the healing arts at the age of 14 to overcome the deeply damaging effects of extensive abuse and trauma. In addition to healing herself, her intensive spiritual work led her to co-create a life she never dreamt possible: leaving a toxic corporate career to follow her calling, manifesting and marrying her soulmate, transforming women's lives through her heart's work, and traveling the world with her beloved husband.

She loves nothing more than supporting fellow sisters to do the same—to transcend disempowering patterns, reclaim their full feminine power, and step fully into the Goddesses they truly are.

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