Day 21 Healing Sexual Violence to Evolve to our True Sacredness with marcia lopez

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Who is Marcia Lopez?

Marcia Lopez is a broad spectrum healer, founder of Women's True Healing and specializes in Holistic Female Reproductive Wellness. 

She uses the old ways in new ways and with over 19 years of healing experience she has been achieving extraordinary results in female reproductive health dysfunction, infertility, and sexual trauma recovery. 

Marcia is a clinician and teacher in the fields of holistic health, yoga, meditation, shamanism, herbalism, nutrition, movement, and feminine philosophy. Her work gives power to the healing of individuals, families, and planet and she is a valued and respected practitioner in her community. 

Marcia's intention with her work is to promote effective societal change for the betterment of our world through the awareness and care of the the Cosmic Portal ~ the Womb where our life and your children’s life began.

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