Day 8 Sex, Soul, and Union
with Katherine zorensky

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Who is Katherine Zorensky?

Katherine has been a nature love and seeker most of her life. It was her daughter’s birth in the Pacific Ocean that initiated her into a remembrance of the feminine path of awakening. Since then she has traversed, embodied, and taught the many aspects of soulful and sexual embodiment in connection with personal evolution, conscious conception, and new paradigm birthing.

As an internationally recognized Womb Shaman and Doula, Katherine has been guiding hundreds of women and men into soul embodiment through classical tantra and western shadow work for almost 2 decades. She weaves the innate connection of sexuality, nature, and Source.  Her latest work, “Technology of Love,” is a combination of spiritual science, emotional alchemy, and elemental wisdom woven into a powerful method of direct realization. Katherine is masterful at teaching others how to unlock the body’s natural womb/hara wisdom, enabling emotions to become powerful allies, creativity and insights to flow with more ease, and sovereignty through a powerful internal guidance system. She inspires others to claim their soul’s design and live it in authentic ways that bring beauty, meaning, pleasure, and purpose into their lives.Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  Trained in Tantra, Kama Sutra, Breath-work, Mindfulness, Yoga, Mudras, Energy Healing, Holistic and Hormonal Health, Fertility and Ayurveda.  Is a lifelong student, seeker and Zenxualist on this beautiful adventure and journey, called Life.

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