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I appreciated your sincere, genuine hosting style. Not a sterile list of canned questions, but genuine discussion and a willingness to move the conversation in the direction of something interesting that was presented. I have listened to many interview summits in the last 2 years, but yours is the only one on sex and sexuality that was based on science, research, and real world experience. Best, best, best summit I've watched.

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This summit was amazing!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for hosting it. I learned so much and really expanded some things in my life! 

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Last Fall, my husband and I were on the brink of divorce after 23 years of marriage.  We separated in November 2019 and I moved out in January 2020.  After a period of amicable separation during which our communication continued and improved, we decided to try and reconcile on April 1st.  We had been through loads of therapy in the past but decided this time to do the work on our own.  We combed through online resources, eventually finding Kyle Benson's website which really spoke to us and our issues.  It was through him that we were introduced to your Sacred Sexuality Summit.  We agreed to watch it together every single day for the entire 30 days and we did.  We took notes and discussed and went down the wormholes of the speakers' sites and free gifts.  By May 1st, I decided to move back to the house for a few days and a few days later, for a few weeks, a few weeks later, permanently.  We are fully back to our marriage and happier than ever!!!  We consider your summit as one of the biggest factors in improving our communication around sex and emotional intimacy, which were issues for us in our marriage.  We can't thank you enough!!

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