About Me

I remember the day...

I woke up one day at 36 years old and felt empty, lost, and alone. I remember this day clearly - I felt no passion for anything around me. It was like I had been in a long dream, so I blinked to make sure I was truly awake.

I looked up to see my handsome husband, standing in our beautiful home. I thought about the successful career I had built through my studies and tireless work.

And the one thought that came to mind was, "Is this all there is?" I realized that even though I had every outward expression of a good life, that I was not feeling fulfilled. I knew there was something more to feel, something more to explore about myself and about life here on earth. This was the moment I decided to dive deeper and the same  moment that began a journey of transformation and spiritual discovery. I learned all I could from the mentor I chose to guide me. I took workshops and participated in retreats. I studied Intuitive Counseling, so I would have that skill along with being a trained Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

The process of evolving, growing and transforming is what we are made for.Helen Hillix

And I continued with that dedication and focus for 30 years until I felt like I was repeating the same day I had experienced as a 36 year old.. After a dramatic experience in a leadership training, I looked out my window at a spectacular view of nature, and felt that familiar feeling of  lacking passion and fulfilment in my life. I realized I was at another turning point in my life! My friends had been talking about retiring, so that seemed like the next step. In this moment at the window, I thought, "Retiring is the last thing I want to do! I want to be all used up when I die! I don't want to fade away into the sunset! I want to squeeze every drop of juice out this fruit called life!"

And I began to help women and men who have that same drive for passion I once craved. You can always go deeper and find more passion in your life! You are here because you also want to squeeze every drop of juice from your life, and I know how to support you to do just that!