A Block is Just a Directional Signal From the Universe

We get so invested in outcomes! We think we know what should happen and what is going to happen if we do certain things and set certain goals! But, it’s not true! What happens when we reach a block in the process? How do we interpret that block? We have the illusion that we have complete control over our destinies! Some people say we create our own realities! Well, we certainly have a part to play, but what about the Universe’s part, God’s part? .

It’s interesting how some of us think that mindset is everything! Well, try getting somewhere faster in traffic by declaration alone! Of course, I’m not saying that mindset isn’t tremendously important; it is! But we GET to remember that everything is a co-creation with the Universe. My friend, Beth Green, describes it as a “subtle dance between intention and allowance.” We can have the powerful intention to meet a wonderful man, marry, and have children with him. Maybe you even have a particular guy in mind. But what happens is a directional signal from the Universe. Maybe you need to change your intention. Maybe the Universe has a different man for you or a different destiny altogether! .

If we are going crazy because we didn’t get a particular job that we worked so hard to get, we are squandering our Lifeforce, our chi. Maybe the Universe has a whole different idea about where you go from here, something way more magical and rewarding than you ever dreamed. Can you remember an example of this, when you wanted something so much, but there was a block and you ended up with something that for you much better? I can!! We were selling our house years ago and I was desperate to have it go quickly, and to find the next home. It took 7 months to sell our home, but all the other offers we made in the meantime were not the right house! The right house went in the market the day we sold our home! And we live there now! The Universe guided that. My ideas and my ego agenda were blocked, thank goodness! .

I’d love to hear your story about the Universe blocking you from the wrong thing!

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