I'm here to help you explore, empower and enrich your life! Are you with me?

Together, we focus on:

  • Healing the past, because what's stopping you now has nothing to do with the person you are becoming.
  • Developing new ways of being that will bring self-love and empowerment and action.
  • Having your dream life, that is overflowing with love, joy and connection.

Use the many free resources here to support your journey. Click here for a  sample of what I can do for you and keep exploring the site for more. Make yourself at home here. Explore and visit often!

"I have worked extensively with many of the most renowned authorities in the area of consciousness and sexuality over the past 30 years and I feel that Helen is one of our national treasures.

Her passion to discover and awaken the freedom and joy within is contagious. She offers a level of intuitive insight and transformational wisdom that is so real, so human and so liberating that I feel blessed and honored each time we work together."

Spar Street, Internationally acclaimed Painter/Sculptor

1:1 Counseling

You are sick of feeling blocked from having the life, love and joy you want. You are ready to have connection, happiness and fulfillment! You get to feel completely safe, deeply seen, fully understood and cared about as you express your inner self and feel empowered to create the new you.

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Sacred Sexuality

You want more from your sexuality. You want the kind of connection that you dreamed was possible, but haven’t been able to create in your life up until now. You have a longing to integrate your spiritual connection to your sexuality, but you don’t quite know how to start.

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Relationship Counseling

You are ready to have the relationship you always wanted with your partner or other close relationship. You want to create a powerful, intimate connection, full of passion and fun! You will guided by a relationship expert who is caring and provides a safe space where you will learn to be totally self-expressed and deeply understood.

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You want to have Sacred Sex, shame-free, intimate sex. You want to have it all. You want to create fulfilling, intimate, passionate sex. You want to be adventurous and move beyond any limitations of the past. Use these powerful steps and begin to create the loving passion that you always dreamed of.

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